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Tyrune (episode)






Ally of Temara


The ability to fly and breath fireballs, can separate his left and right heads from the main body

Tyrune is a dragon known as the Three-Headed Hydra of Temra.


Maeve tricked Rohan into reciting a druid incantation that released Tyrune from his imprisonment under a lake, while putting the chains that kept him in check on Pyre instead. The hydra sometimes attacks without any warning. He often fights with Pyre, as they are rival dragons. His left and right heads can separate from his body, attacking independently.

Tyrune Blast


It is unclear what sort of personality Tyrune has, but it is viewed he exists only to destroy whenever possible.

As a three-headed dragon, it is assumed the middle head is the dominant one.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like Pyre, Tyrune possesses flight and fire-breathing capabilities and is quite durable. Unlike Pyre, however, Tyrune, who possesses two additional heads, has the ability to detach the additional heads to attack his enemies at random positions.

Unlike Pyre's fire-breathing, Tyrune breathes fireballs that are red, blue and green from his three heads.


  • When he attacked the Mystic Knights in their initial encounter, Tyrune detached his left and right heads to attack them independently only once.
  • Tyrune was imprisoned within a lake prior to being set free by Rohan.
    • It is unknown how Tyrune was imprisoned to begin with.
  • Tyrune is the only known dragon with the ability to detach parts of his body.
  • Once Tyrune was freed from his prison, he couldn't be imprisoned again because he fled.
  • Once Tyrune was freed, his chains appeared on Pyre.
  • Tyrune was never once referred to as the Three-headed Hydra of Temra in the series.
  • Tyrune has never fought or captured the Drageen.