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Legend of the Ancient Scroll




Kells (former Knight of Kells), Temra



Weapon of Choice


Torc is the dedicated leader of Temra's evil armies. Torc is a veteran soldier whose strength and strategic ability have never been in doubt.


Years ago, Torc was an ally of Kells and a good friend of King Conchobar. That is, until he betrayed them all. His reasoning was that Maeve and her kingdom were in fact the stronger, and that he wished to be aligned with the winning side. Years later he was the one who stole the Silver Chalice from Ivar's kingdom.

Torc always leads Queen Meave's forces into battle against the Mystic Knights or the rest of Kells' forces. While the rest of Temra's armies fear the Mystic Knights, Torc has made it his personal mission to win the war against Kells and bring Maeve's dream of ruling to fruition and bring an end to Conchobar's reign. Once, he stole The Buckler of Bre it made him temporarily able to match the Mystic Knights.

Once Torc witnessed Maeve's has defeat at the hands of the knights, he fled with his army.

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Torc is a formidable warrior and leader. After betraying Kells, Maeve made him her general and also made him act as her champion.

During his many battles, Torc was able to keep up with the Mystic Knights, despite having no magic powers himself. He was able to singlehandedly defeat many soldiers.


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