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Inside Tir Na Nog

Tir Na Nóg is a magical realm ruled by King Fin Varra. It is inhabited by the fairy people.


Tir Na Nóg was considered a place beyond the edges of any map, located only on the island of Kells. It can be reached by an invitation from one of its magical residents or following the magical runes. The realm has been visited by various heroes. Tir Na Nóg is populated by many kinds of supernatural beings. There, music, games, and all pleasurable pursuits can come together in a single place.

Rune Crystal Portal

Notable Natives[]


  • To enter Tir Na Nóg, one must touch the stone on a rock formation.
    • However, this may only apply to those that have entered Tir Na Nóg once before and/or are invited by others.
  • The fairy people are also referred to as the little people.