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The Taming of Pyre (Part 1)

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The Wolf in the Rocks


The Taming of Pyre (Part 2)


The Mystic Knights try to get the great dragon Pyre on their side.

The Mystic Knights repel an attack on Kellsmen from Temra soldiers displeasing Torc, who scolds them to fight back. Back in Kells castle King Conchobar thanks the Mystic Knights and encourages them to seek out Pyre and tame him because he fears Queen Maeve will not allow their victory to go unchallenged.

In Temra, Maeve plans to unite the evil Sentinels of Temra to fight the Mystic Knights. The Mystic knights travel to the caves of dare. However Angus says he needs to rest, Ivar complies. Angus then throws a stone intended for Ivar but hits Deirdre, as she goes for Angus, he backs away and is burnt by Pyre, who breaths fire and roars, warning the knights away.

Angus asks what they should do and Rohan says to go in after him. Inside the cave, Deirdre says Pyre looks wilder then ever, Rohan dismisses this and says Pyre can be as wild as he wants, for this time they have the Mystic Armor. When their Armor is called upon, the knights begin their task. Angus asks how they tame Pyre, Rohan responds that they need to doing it carefully, but Pyre won't have it. He breaths fire knocking the Knights down and swings his tail, which the Knights grab. This makes Pyre furious and he swings them off to the ground, when Deirdre tries soothing Pyre, he bits her. Causing Deirdre to punch him and making him even crosser, Angus suggests using their weapons but they have no effect on Pyre, Rohan then orders them to get out of the cave quickly.

In Tir Na Nóg, Fin Varra tells the Knights to think like a turtle to help tame Pyre. As Torc and Maeve prepare for an attack, the Knights realize to tame Pyre they must wear him down, however before they reach the caves of Dare they are confronted by the sentinels. Torc sends his soldiers to attack the Kellsmen as the Mystic Knights call up their armor and fight the sentinels.

In the middle of the fight, the sentinels hold Deirdre and force the others to give up their weapons in exchange for Deirdre, which they do and are forced to flee.

In Kells, Conchobar says the Mystic Knights must regain their weapons and tame Pyre quickly, Rohan vows they will. No surrender. No retreat.