The Queen Mother

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The Mark of Destiny


Knight in the Forest


Captured by Queen Maeve, Rohan is shocked to learn the latest secret of his origins.


Rohan gives a rousing speech to the Kells troops to prepare them for the upcoming battle with Lugad. Afterwards, the king and the Mystic Knights enter the castle on their way to have dinner. As they prepare to sit and eat, Rohan suddenly gets up and leaves. Cathbad tells the others to go after him, he feels that Maeve's magic is at work. They catch up to Rohan outside in the main courtyard. Rohan is angry and acting completely unlike himself. When they try to stop him, he becomes angrier and pulls his sword. As they fight, Cathbad casts a spell on him to make whatever Maeve cast on him disappear. When Rohan comes to he is horrified to find that he had attacked his friends.

Meanwhile in Temra castle, Nemain appears and calls on Mider. She wants Lugad returned to her, in return for Mider's help she promises to help him gain Tir Na Nóg. Maeve comes in after a few moments, by that time Nemain is gone. She requests that Mider casts a spell on Rohan to make him come to Temra. After a while Rohan arrives and the spell disappears. He argues with Maeve for a few moments. She the reveals that knows that he and Lugad are brothers, then she also reveals to Rohan that she too bears the Mark of Destiny. Therefore she is his mother. Rohan is sickened by the thought and leaves the castle.

Ivar and Deirdre meanwhile go looking for Rohan. They enter into the hut where Angus is eating some vile looking soup, which he quickly offers to Deidre and Ivar, which they both quickly decline. Ivar and Angus head off towards Temra using the Defender. Once there they encounter Lugad who immediately starts a fight. Deirdre appears though and Lugad recognizes her. Within moments, Temra soldiers attack. Lugad turns against them and fights with Deirdre and the others.

After the fight, Lugad leaves needing to think about things. Angus offers his arm to Deirdre, who readily accepts, leaving Ivar to walk back to Kells, since they took The Defender. At the castle, they are worried about Rohan since he has not returned. At the Rohan is kneeling by a river, trying desperately to wash the mark off his arm. A man approaches him and asks what the best way off the island is. Rohan tells him that he'll not only show him, he'll join him as well.