The Mark of Destiny

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Lugad's Challenge


The Queen Mother


Rohan tries to convince Lugad of the truth about their connection and shared past.


Lugad and Queen Maeve are training in the castle. Maeve decides that Lugad needs some sort of edge in battle, so Mider has Maeve thrust her sword into the flame of the chalice. The sword becomes enchanted. Maeve gives it to Lugad and Mider informs them that by sticking it in the battlefield a new weapon of transport will appear called the Defender.

Meanwhile, Deirdre and Ivar discover that the village where Rohan and Angus live is completely deserted. They enter the hut and discover Angus eating something that he cooked himself. Angus tells them that Rohan left early that morning and doesn't know where he went. Deirdre says that she thinks she knows where and heads out.

Meanwhile, Rohan is in Tir Na Nóg talking to Fin Varra. The little king reveals to Rohan that Lugad is his half-brother, since they both bare the mark of destiny. Rohan then calls on Aideen to get Lugad to go to Pyre's cave and meet with him. Aideen flies away and finds Lugad practicing with the sword Maeve gave him. Aideen tells him that there are many wonders awaiting him and that if he wants to see them he can follow her. He drops his fancy sword and leaves with her. Torc comes to retrieve Lugad and finds nothing but the sword, which he claims for himself.

Lugad enters the cave where Rohan is. Rohan tries to convince him that they are brothers but instead they fight about it and Lugad doesn't believe him. Deirdre walks in on them right when Rohan says they are brothers and is in shock. Lugad gets angry and smacks a rock. In doing so, he hurts his hand. Deirdre pulls the sliver of stone from his hand, but Lugad is confused and leaves.

In the mean time, Kells castle is being attacked. Torc is using his new weapon, the Defender, which shoots balls of energy at things. Angus and Ivar try as best they can to defend the castle. Finally Rohan and Deirdre show up. Deirdre goes to help at the castle while Rohan knocks Torc and his new weapon out of whack. Rohan then calls upon his Battle Fury Armor and destroys some of the energy balls with the Dragon Torch. Torc vacates and Rohan takes the Defender for Kells.