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The Terra Sling Mace empowers Angus with the Mystic Armor of Earth.

The Terra Sling Mace is the main weapon of Angus, the Mystic Knight of Earth.


The Terra Sling Mace appears as a stone ball and silver crucifix-shaped mace handle connected by a long chain.


Other than acting as melee weapon to bludgeoning foes like regular mace, Terra Sling Mace possesses powerful geokinetic magic, enables the user to manipulate earth. Angus demonstrates this by heaving massic rocks and boulders of earthen matter onto enemies as long-range attack and even causing earthquakes with it.


  • The Terra Sling Mace is not actually a mace at all, but actually a flail.
    • A medieval mace is depicted as a spiked club.
  • The Terra Sling Mace has never actually been called by its name, as most characters call it "The Mystic Mace", "Angus's mace" or "The Sling Mace".
  • In the second episode, the stone ball part of the mace once grew to large proportions to attack the Temra army when Angus threw it.
  • The Terra Sling Mace is the second Mystic Weapon without a dragon motif.
    • The first is the Whirlwind Crossbow.