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The Sword of Kells empowers Rohan with the Mystic Armor of Fire

The Sword of Kells is one of the weapons that Rohan possesses as the Mystic Knight of Fire.


The Sword of Kells is a strong and powerful blade. The sword has the ability to attack with the element of fire, throwing out either streams of fire or fireballs. In close-quarters combat, the weapon can be used like any other sword.

In addition to the previous powers, it obtained the additional, augmented powers of Battle Fury, enabling Rohan to increase his armor's capabilities by, seemingly, absorbing the blade.


  • Unlike the other Knights, Rohan didn't win his sword, but always carried it with him since before the series began, as a regular sword.
    • When he touched the sword against a stone near Fin Varra, the sword changed into the sword that it is today.
    • When used to summon the Battle Fury armor, the sword disappears.
  • This is the only Mystic Weapon that is referred to as a weapon of Kells.