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The Lightning Bat of Temra

First Appearance

Tash Hound of Temra








Has a boomerang like sword which returns after each throw. Can use ear-deafening screaming to stun foes.

Sinarus Sky (better known as the Lighting Bat of Temra) was the guardian of the Mystic Armor of Air.


The Lightning Bat spent years guarding the Mystic Armor of Air, resting atop a tall cliff. As with his fellow Sentinels, he knew someone would arrive to challenge him in a bid to prove his/her worth in claiming the armor. Though he safeguarded the armor in a bid to prevent the legend of the Mystic Knights from coming into fruition, owing to the fact of him being loyal to no one but Mider, Lightning Bat ironically provided the test in the end.

He was eventually confronted by Princess Deirdre. Using his boomerang sword, he fought Deidre and dodged her shots by flight. He managed to hurt Aideen with a throw of his blade. Deidre managed to shoot his sword away with her Whirlwind Crossbow. The Bat then used his ear-deafening shrieking to knock her down. Deidre managed to blind him with dust by shooting at the ground. Unable to see Deidre, she shot him multiple times to send him flying from the cliff. 

After this, he became a warrior for Queen Maeve.

Sentinel of Lightning[]

As the Sentinel of Lightning, Lightning Bat is supposedly able to manipulate lightning hence his name and title. He may have that power through his boomerang-like sword, but never shown to demonstrate it. Even so, said weapon possessed an additional ability in form of producing something akin to a sonic boom whenever thrown, as it managed to knock Aideen out of the air and slightly injured her, despite barely physically hitting the faery. In addition to his durability afforded by his armor, Lightning Bat can generate a sonic shriek that can disorient his opponents.



  • Despite his title and being bat-themed, Lightning Bat cannot fly and is able to operate in daylight just fine.