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Rohan, Mystic Knight of Fire

First Appearance

Legend of the Ancient Scroll





Weapon of Choice

Sword of Kells, Mobile Defender


Queen Maeve, Lugad

Fire within me!
~ Rohan

Rohan is one of main protagonists and the leader of titular Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog. He is an orphan raised by the druid Cathbad who later becomes the Mystic Knight of Fire.


Rohan is a noble, courageous, and steadfast young man, but sometimes allows his emotions to take control of his actions. As a young boy, Rohan came to Kells and met the druid Cathbad. The druid took interest in Rohan soon after he saw a familiar mark on the young boy's arm. An ancient scroll told of a great warrior, named Draganta, who would be able to defeat Queen Maeve in her quest for Kells. Knowing Rohan had a destiny to fulfill, he sent the young man to find Draganta. To don his armor, he shouts, "Fire within me!"

Later, Rohan obtained the ability to become more powerful by using the magical incantation "Battle Fury!", when he has his armor more powerful in the forge within the Mountains of Gloom. His Battle Fury Armor is crimson and gold.

Eventually, it was also revealed that he is the son of Maeve, with Lugad as his half-brother. With these shocking discoveries revealed, Rohan did not let his family issues overpower his duties to Kells. With Lugad's help, he was able to defeat Maeve in their final confrontation and support her banishment. As she's led away, he asks her if she has anything to say to him. She says he's fought well and is a great warrior, but he's on the wrong side. Not wanting to fall for that, he asks her to be taken away.

Mystic Powers[]

Fire Knight Armor

As the Mystic Knight of Fire, Rohan wields the Sword of Kells, a magic sword which enable him to conjure and manipulate flames. After defeating The Ice Lord of Temra, Rohan gained access for the Mystic Armor of Fire which can only be summoned in times of dire need by chanting out "Fire within me!" while rising the Sword of Kells. The armor then materializes around him in a burst of fiery aura, completing the transformation.

Battle Fury Armor

Later on, Rohan obtained the power of Battle Fury, which increased the power of his armor, and granted him the additional weapon of the Dragon Torch, able to destroy anything it hits.

In addition of Mystic Armor and the Sword of Kells, Rohan also possesses the Dragon's Breath Dagger, which he alone, has the ability to summon Pyre, the Dragon of Dare.


  • Rohan's story shares many parallels with the original Star Wars trilogies' Luke Skywalker, whose story revolved around his Jedi Knight father, Anakin Skywalker, whom he sought to emulate, only for it to be revealed that the still-living relative was a villain known as Darth Vader.
  • Rohan once tried to be a thief like Angus, but wasn't very successful.