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The Ice Lord of Temra
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The Fire Dragon of Dare








A powerful swordsman, the Ice Lord can make his sword colder to increase the damage it inflicts.

Rath Coghan (better known as the Ice Lord of Temra) is a skull-headed ice lord and one of Queen Maeve's main generals, the Sentinels. He fights with a curved sword of ice. Rohan fought him in order to gain his Mystic Armor.


Serving under Mider, the Ice Lord of Temra acted as a guardian to protect the Mystic Armor of Fire in a cave atop an icy mountain. As with his fellow Sentinels, he knew a Mystic Knight would arrive to challenge him in a bid to prove his/her worth in claiming the armor. Though he carried out his duty in a bid to prevent the legend of the Mystic Knights from coming into fruition, the Sentinel ironically provided the test in the end.

He was confronted by Rohan. Fighting Rohan, he had the advantage as they fought on an icy bridge. Rohan managed to destroy the bridge with fire from his sword, after which the Ice Lord tumbled down into the depths. 

Out for vengeance, he appeared at Maeve's fortress and told her he wanted payback against Rohan. After this, he became a general for Maeve.

Sentinel of Ice[]

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  • Rath has some differences between himself and the other 3 Sentinels.
    • The only one not to be based on an animal.
    • The only one to use the same kind of weapon as the Mystic Knight that challeged him (although using a different type of sword.).