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Pyre, Dragon of Dare

First Appearance

The Fire Dragon of Dare




Dare, Kells, Tir Na Nóg, Mystic Knights


Ally of the Mystic Knight of Fire (Draganta)


The ability to fly and breath fire

Pyre (also known as the Dragon of Dare and Mystic Dragon) is a dragon and ally to the Mystic Knights.


An ancient dragon associated with the Mystic Knight of Fire. At first, he was unwilling to tolerate any human presence, but he soon comes to admire Rohan after being tamed by him wearing him out by having breathe fire excessively, and later recognizes the Mystic Knight of Fire as Draganta, the legendary hero.

He is the fierce rival of Tyrune, the Three-Headed Hydra of Temra.

Pyre wears a gemmed cuirass, through which he presumably makes contact with his rider's Dragon's Breath Dagger. His likeness is worked into the Mystic Knights' armor.

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When first encountered, Pyre didn't tolerate any humans in his territory, being aggressive and unfriendly. After being tamed by the Mystic Knights, he became a powerful ally of theirs in the war against Temra for Kells.

When Pyre ate a plant substance that turned him evil, he attacked several villages without hesitation for Temra, demonstrating that he could be tricked and manipulated.

As a rival dragon of Tyrune's, Pyre has only hatred for the three-headed hydra. It is unclear why.


As a dragon, Pyre possesses the traditional dragon powers of flight and fire-breathing. In addition, he possesses immense strength, claws and fangs, and is quite durable against attacks, as he was pierced with a wooden spear, and he pulled it out with little difficulty, and because he was able to continue fighting afterward suggests that he possessed limited regeneration.


  • Based on the toy version, Pyre's wings contain two swords that he is capable of using, but it is unknown if he has any actual degree of swordsmanship in the television series.
  • Pyre and Tyrune fought only once in the television series.
  • Tyrune's chains were placed on Pyre once the three-headed rival dragon was unintentionally unleashed from his prison in a lake by Rohan.
  • Pyre's home is littered with the bones of people that entered it and encountered him.