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Night of the Spirits

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Queen Deirdre


Aideen's Choice


Queen Maeve takes advantage of a holiday going on in the kingdom of Kells to send ghostly creatures to attack.


All of Kells is making preparations for the Samhain Celebration. Ivar doesn't understand the point of the celebration so they try to explain it to him. When he starts to get a little spooked about the idea of evil spirits coming out on the eve, Angus comes out in a sheet pretending to be a spirit, calling Ivar's name. Aideen soon comes to the rescue and removes Angus' sheet mid performance. Cathabad arrives with powders for the fire and decides to tell a story to explain it to them.

Later Angus is in the forest, gathering firewood for the bonfire, when he gets attacked by spirits and races back to the castle. Just before Angus gets there, Rohan is trying to turn a leek into a dancing skeleton. He sprinkles powder on it and nothing happens. Deirdre tells him in no uncertain terms that his magic is terrible while Ivar teases him. Angus comes racing in muttering about spirits in the woods. He grabs Deirdre's hand and pulls her out of the room and the others follow. When they get to where he supposedly saw these spirits there's nothing there but some children and their dog.

They all return to the castle when they see nothing. Angus and Deirdre are in the throne room with King Conchobar when the spirits attack. Angus thinks they are after him, but they instead leave and head for Cathbad's chamber. Aideen fly's in and drives the spirits away. The druid sends Angus to fetch Rohan and to go to Tir Na Nóg.

Fin Varra tells them that the spirits are not otherworldly, therefore they must come from Maeve. They return to the castle to tell their news. Aideen comes in and tells them that she overheard Queen Maeve and Mider talking about the spirits and that they are Mider's creation. The spirits return. The Mystic Knights call their armor and fight the spirits while Cathabad makes a powder to combat them. Nothing seems to hurt the spirits, but when Cathabad gets his powder done and instructs the knights to use it, the spirits seem to become weaker, fleeing back to Temra. Mider has to banish them completely after they loss control.

The next day the celebration of Samhain is in full swing. The King starts the celebration and Cathabad starts the fire with his powders. While they are celebrating Ivar sees something behind some of the huts. He points it out to the others. They all think its Angus, but just at that moment the thief appears beside them... What appears to be a ghostly spirit.