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Legend of the Ancient Scroll






Aid to the Queen


Mider has shown the ability to conjure spirits better than Maeve. He has the ability to wield the forces of nature.

Mider is a dark fairy who helps Queen Maeve in her bid for conquest with his dark magic.


Mider is a dark fairy bent on becoming the king of Tir Na Nóg. It was Mider who provided Queen Meave the magical ram-headed staff and later the powerful rune stone for it. In return, he asked for her help in gaining the throne of Tir Na Nóg from Fin Varra. Mider has a vast spy network consisting of Bogies who answer to both himself and Maeve.

He uses the magical Silver Chalice from Ivar's kingdom to transport back and forth between a realm of darkness to increase and maintain his powers. After Maeve's defeat and banishment, he aligned himself with the next holder of the chalice, the sorceress Nemain.

Mider & Dark Chalice


  • Mider is vary narcissistic and speaks in the third person (he tends to say "Midar" instead of "Me" or "I"), he is also very cruel and selfish, which is another trait of his narcissistic personality.
    • However, he has spoken in the first person several times.
  • In myths, Mider is the son of the Dagda of the Tuatha Dé Danann.