Princess Lynette is the princess of a faraway kingdom.


The Princess became shipwrecked do to an attack by a beast called the Grindon. The Grindon it seemed had been pursuing Lynette for quite some time since she wanted Grindon destroyed. Grindon came to the island of Kells attacked the kingdoms warriors, and the kingdoms Mystic Knights. After a lengthy battle, and assistance from Torc soldiers and the dragon Tyrune. The Mystic Knights manage to force the Grindon to flee. It later attacked the castle but was repelled by the Mystic Knights. Lynette warned them that it will return at sunset. Princess Lynette then decide to leave the castle, the Mystic Knights went after her and found her, devising a plan to lure the Grindon out into the opening. Finally Princess Lynette and Rohan use his sword and slay the Grindon, which she alone could do which as it turned out was why Grindon has been pursuing her.

After the beasts' defeat Prince Garret escorted Lynette back to her homeland.

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