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Lugad's Challenge

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Battle Fury


The Mark of Destiny


Rohan faces Lugad one on one and makes a stunning discovery that links them on a way that neither of them would have ever suspected.


Nemain visits Maeve in her castle. Maeve feels that Lugad is ready for another fight while Nemain says that if Maeve continues with her tactics, she will have a heavy price to pay. Lugad travels to Kells and challenges Rohan to a fight, which Rohan accepts. It turns out the rules of the fight are "Ancient Rules".

Cathbad teaches the Mystic Knights about the rules. Next the Knights practice and train for their fight. Rohan spars with Ivar and Deirdre, and Cathbad (who uses magic to transform himself into a young warrior).

When the time comes, it's shown that the warriors in question can take a second, Rohan takes Cathbad and Lugad takes Torc. But Maeve plans to show up, even though it's against the rules. Aideen overhears the plot and warns the other three Knights. They arrive too late to help, as the entrance is a cave that only stays open a few hours. After Cathbad's warning to the warriors not to fight in the ring of fire, which is a doorway to a sacred graveyard, they begin to fight with pikes provided by Lug.

They fight and end up in the ring of fire. Rohan tries to get Lugad to stop fighting, as per Cathbad's warning, but Lugad won't listen. Maeve appears and throws Lugad his weapon. Again, Cathbad warns everyone about fighting in the graveyard. Rohan calls on his Battle Fury Armor they continue the battle, but their fighting has defiled the place and rocks covered in flame fall down upon their heads. Rohan sees the same mark on Lugad's arm that is on his own, and then pushes Lugad out of the path of falling rocks. They land back in the ceremonial fighting place. Maeve insists that Lugad finish Rohan off, but Lugad (even though it confuses him) won't because Rohan saved his life.

They escape and Rohan questions Cathbad about the mark he saw on Lugad's arm, which confuses Cathbad because he only believed that Dragenta had the mark.






  • Lugad is revealed to have the same mark as Rohan does on his arm.