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Ivar, Mystic Knight of Water

First Appearance

Legend of the Ancient Scroll




Kells, his native kingdom

Weapon of Choice

Barbed Trident


Unknown relations back in his home country

"The Water around me!"

Ivar is a young prince from a distant land (possibly of the Scoutss).


Prince Ivar is from a distant land, he arrived on the shores of Kells in pursuit of a thief who stole a valued treasure from his homeland called the sacred Silver Chalice. Ivar first encountered Rohan and Angus when they were on a quest to find the fairy ring. True to Cathbad's prophecy, a stranger (Ivar) led Angus and Rohan to the fairy ring, which in turn allowed them passage into the mystical realm of Tir Na Nóg. While it was Angus' trickery that first caused the foreign prince to join in the quest, it was his sense of honor that kept him in Kells. Rohan had saved his life, and in order to repay the debt, Ivar swore his allegiance with Rohan and the other questers.

Ivar is loyal to his friends, but can be distracted by his search for the stolen chalice, often to his own detriment.

Ivar posses a variety of unique skills that intrigue his fellow Knights, that often aids them in their quest. For instance, his is a skilled hunter and tracker.

Mystic Powers[]

Water Around Me!

As the Mystic Knight of Water, Ivar wields Barbed Trident, a magical trident which, in contrast to his affinity to the water element, possesses the ability to conjure blue bolts of electricity. After defeating The Sea Serpent of Temra, Ivar gained access for the Mystic Armor of Water which can only be summoned in times of dire need by chanting out "The water around me!" while rising the Barbed Trident. The armor materializes around him out of a watery aura, completing the transformation.

In addition of Mystic Armor and Barbed Trident, Ivar later gains the Defender vehicle (which was meant to be used for Lugad) from Torc.