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Garrett, Knight of the Forest

First Appearance

Garrett and the Princess




Kells, Reged (home nation)

Weapon of Choice

Twin Timber Axes


King of Reged (father)

"Forest before me!"

Prince Garrett is the fifth Mystic Knight.


Garrett is the prince and heir of Reged, an ally nation of Kells. In order to establish a union between both nations, the two kings made a pact that their heirs would marry, and unite the kingdoms. Deirdre wasn't aware of her betrothal until the day the prince stepped into the castle. His attitude earned him the immediate dislike of the other Mystic Knights. Once the prince was alone, Garret fell into a trap set by Queen Maeve, who magically turned him against the knights.

Later healed by Cathbad, with assistance from Deirdre, Garrett joined the Mystic Knights.

Mystic Powers[]

Forest Knight.gif

In addition to his speed, agility, strength, and endless self-confidence, Prince Garrett brings with him another unparalleled ability, which has proved useful to the Mystic Knights on several occasions. Garrett has the ability to command any animal, either magical or natural, merely by locking eyes with it.

Garrett's Mystic Weapons are the Twin Timber Axes. He had to earn his weapons during his quest of worth in Tir Na Nóg, at which he had to learn that it wasn't a sign of weakness to accept help from others. Garrett learned how to use them after he learned that trust and friendship can go a long way, he was granted the axes to call upon his armor with. As a Mystic Knight, he summons his brown and gold Mystic Armor by shouting "Forest Before Me!" while rising his Twin Timber Axes. The armor materializes around him in a bright emerald aura followed by leaves being blown by the wind, completing the transformation.

Garrett would later obtains another weapon, a magical bow called the Dragon Bow.


  • Garrett's character arc bears many similarities to that of many "Power Rangers" characters, mainly Tommy Oliver of the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" series.
  • The spell Queen Maeve used on Garret to control him could only be broken by a potion that required the "touch of a queen".