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Divide & Conquer

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Aideen's Choice


Eye of the Beholder


A messenger from Ivar's home requests his return as news comes of a new Temra attack. Both are part of a plan by Queen Maeve to separate the Knights while she uses sleeping fog to take over Kells.


Two boys playing on the shore find a man and his horse in a bottle looking for the castle of Kells. When he finds Ivar he tells him that desert nomads are attacking his kingdom. Ivar also makes a discovery about his chalice and leaves to search for it.

Ivar and the messenger arrive at the shore, only for Ivar to discover that it is a trick by Torc and one of the Sentinels of Temra. Ivar discovers that Torc was the thief who stole his kingdoms chalice. Rohan and Angus discover that Maeve sent imaginary soldiers to trick the King into sending troops to the border.

Mider sends a spell in the form of a sleeping mist throughout Kells castle. Torc and the Sentinel shrink Ivar with a magic stone and traps him in the bottle. Rohan and Angus come to Ivar's rescue. They head to Kells castle and find Maeve on the throne. Unfortunately for her Mider's sleeping spell wears off and she and her army are forced to leave.

Rohan and Angus talk about Deirdre while she's asleep. Rohan says that if ever there were an angel that Deirdre would be one. Angus agrees and says that she's the most beautiful princess this side of Kells. Rohan gently moves her hair, when she awakens they try to look innocent. Cathabad rushes in with an antidote only for it to be made useless by the fact that everyone has already woken up.