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Deirdre, Mystic Knight of Air

First Appearance

Legend of the Ancient Scroll





Weapon of Choice

Whirlwind Crossbow


King Conchobar

"The Air above me!"

Deirdre is the Princess, and royal heir to the kingdom of Kells.


Deirdre is the intensely independent daughter of King Conchobar. Her indignant air makes her seem haughty and stubborn, yet she is also capable of great kindness. Deirdre has an intense desire to learn, and expand her horizons by becoming the most able ruler she can possibly be. She refuses to let any barrier stand between her and victory, and this determination is what led her to joining the pilgrimage to Tir Na Nóg with Rohan, Angus, and Ivar.

Deirdre is the most logical-minded of the Mystic Knights, and is therefore sometimes frustrated by her companions' foibles.

Mystic Powers[]

Air Above Me!

As the Mystic Knight of Air, Deirdre wields the Whirlwind Crossbow, a magical crossbow imbued with air elemental powers which grants the ability to shoot bursts and streams of air. After defeating The Lightning Bat of Temra, Deirde gained access for the  Mystic Armor of Air which can only be summoned in times of dire need by chanting out "Air above me!" while rising the Whirlwind Crossbow. The armor then materializes around her in streams of pinkish wind aura, completing the transformation.


  • Deirdre's Mystic Armor is the only set of armor that lacks the chain mail underneath.
  • In the television series, Deirdre is often the damsel in distress at any given time.
  • In Ulster Cycle, Deirdre is a tragic heroine who is the target of Conchobar mac Nessa's target of lustful affection. Yet in the series, the two are portrayed as father and daughter.