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Dark Rider

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The Barrow of Balin


The Warrior of Temra


Queen Maeve awakens an ancient warrior who uses a sceptre to take over the minds of Kells soldiers and even the Mystic Knights themselves.


Maeve gets a hold of an ancient stone. While using the stone to conjure a creature to attack the Mystic Knights, she opens a portal. A man comes through, annoucing himself as the wizard Kallach, who was defeated by Conchobar's ancestor. He wishes to take Kells' most powerful warriors back to the Underworld with him. Maeve tells him about the Mystic Knights being the most powerful warriors of Kells.

Kallach opens a portal and goes to Kells and while they are fighting him, he casts some spell at Angus and places him under his control. When the others go to find Angus and bring him back to the castle, Kallach forces Angus to attack his friends. Later, when Kallach comes back to Kells, he attacks Deirdre in the halls and turns her to his side. Rohan and Ivar see this and are horrified.

Not much later, Ivar and Rohan are fighting some of the Kells soldiers that have been turned against the King. Kallach appears again and turns Ivar against Kells. By this time, the King and Cathabad are searching for answers on how to defeat Kallach. The Druid discovers a scroll that explains how Conchobar's ancestor defeated Kallach. Cathabad casts a reflective spell on Rohan's sword.

Rohan races to Temra to rescue his friends. Kallach orders them to call their armor and the Mystic Knights battle each other. Kallach goes to cast his spell at Rohan, but Rohan deflects it with his sword, causing the spell to be broken over Angus, Deirdre and Ivar. The wizard then attempts to take Maeve with him, but Rohan stops him and the wizard is thrown back into the portal alone.

In the end, Angus tries playing as though he were still under the wizard's spell, walking around the throne room in a daze. Cathabad knows this and casts a little spell on him, causing the seat of his pants to burn. Angus proceeds to jump around the throne room.