The Caves of Dare are a location in the land of Kells that serve as the residence of Pyre, the Dragon of Dare and at least one Drageen.


On the outside, the Caves of Dare appear as a large opening while the inside appears to be a dimly-lit chamber by a series of what seems to be lava pools.

Parts of the ground inside is littered with the bones of previous people that visited the caves.


  • The Mystic Knights tried to acquire Pyre once without their Mystic Armor, despite being told by Fin Varra that he couldn't be tamed without the armor, resulting in Angus' pants getting singed.
  • It is unknown for sure, but before the Mystic Knights ever went to the caves, there were others that ventured to Pyre's territory and were likely killed by the dragon.
  • This is the first of two locations to be caves.
    • The second location is to the Caves of the West.