The Battle Fury Armor was a supplementary expansion of power known as Battle Fury, granted to the Mystic Knight of Fire, Rohan. By calling it forth with the cry of "Battle Fury!", Rohan's Sword of Kells is absorbed, and his armor is turned crimson and increased in protective strength as well as firepower.

In addition to the two wrist-mounted swords that replace his sword, Rohan is granted a dragon-shaped cannon called the Dragon Torch, able to spit out balls of fire that can destroy anything.



  • None of the other Mystic Knights have Battle Fury Armor in the series, however there are toys of others with their own Battle Fury Armor.
  • It is referred to as the "multiples of power".
  • Only the helmet is unchanged in Battle Fury mode.
  • This would be the equivalent of The Red Ranger's Battalizer in the mainline Power Rangers franchise.