Battle Fury

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The Warrior of Temra


Lugad's Challenge


Lugad helps turn the tide of the war for Temra against Kells as the Knights must figure a way to stop him. Rohan undergoes a dangerous test to gain the powerful Battle Fury Armor.


Rohan must travel to the Mountains of Gloom to find a mysterious faeriesmith who can increase the power of his armor. While on this journey, Angus, Deirdre and Ivar are left to defend Kells. Torc leads Lugad and the Temra army through a small mountain pass. Angus gets Pyre to start a rockslide, which blocks Torc and his men from getting through.

Meanwhile, Rohan finds the faeriesmith, Grevnu. He learns that to receive the "multiples of power" he must first pass two tests. The first of which he must fight three large, armored warriors. He battles bravely, discovering that they cannot be defeated by normal means. As he loses his sword in the battle, Rohan realizes that the best way to stop them is with water. He throws buckets of water at them, which causes them to rust and fall apart.

His next test is to fight what he fears the most. The faeriesmith disappears and in his place is Rohan's twin. They battle and with each hit on his opponent, he feels the pain. Eventually, Rohan realizes that his fear is not being able to prove himself as Draganta. With that, he defeats his twin and gains his new armor. The Sword of Kells disappears and is replaced by two wrist blades and a weapon called the Dragon Torch, which can destroy anything in its path. Rohan returns to Kells, where the others are battling to keep the castle.

Lugad grabs a hold of Deirdre and dangles her precariously over the edge of the castle. Rohan stops Lugad from dropping her and the castle is saved. The king later pronounces Rohan to be Kells greatest champion.