Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog Wiki

The Barbed Trident empowers Ivar with the Mystic Armor of Water

The Barbed Trident is the main weapon of Prince Ivar, the Mystic Knight of Water.


This weapon is in affiliation with the element of water. However, it is capable of producing electrical energy in the form of blue-colored lightning bolts. While fighting, the trident can also be used to stab or bludgeon opponents.


  • The Sea Serpent of Temra claimed that the Barbed Trident was useless against his Serpent-Tongued Whip.
  • In one scene of the second episode, the Barbed Trident was gray instead of blue.
  • The Barbed Trident is the second Mystic Weapon to have a dragon motif to its design.
    • The first being the Sword of Kells.