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The Final Battle



Rohan must embrace his destiny to defeat Queen Maeve once and for all.


While Rohan is away, searching for Lugad and the other Mystic Knights are away searching for Rohan, Cathbad and the King are kidnapped by Maeve and thrown into a tower.

When the other Mystic Knights return, they run right into the hands of Torc and his men. They are subsequently taken to the castle and imprisoned in the dungeon.

Meanwhile, Rohan, in Pyre's cave, talks to the dragon. An old man appears and offers Rohan a deal. The old man has Maeve's chalice. Rohan agrees to the bargain and returns to Kells, where he dresses like a Temra soldier and sneaks into the castle. He approaches Maeve and challenges her. The deal is that if Rohan wins, he gets Kells, if Maeve wins, she gets the chalice. She agrees and they fight.

Aideen, meanwhile, is freeing the other Mystic Knights. They race into the throne room where Maeve and Rohan were fighting. They want to help, but Rohan tells them not to. Maeve summons all of her power and transforms herself into a Naga (a half-woman, half-snake magical creature) and attacks using magic.

The knights call their armor and all attack Maeve. Eventually, Maeve is drained of power and defeated. The king and Cathbad are freed and Kells is returned to its proper ruler. The old man appears and reveals himself to be Nemain and steals away with the chalice. The King sends Maeve away to banishment on the Island of Tor-Mor, to be led there by Angus.






  • Because of the lack of a second season, the first season (and overall series) ended with a cliffhanger.