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Angus, Mystic Knight of Earth

First Appearance

Legend of the Ancient Scroll





Weapon of Choice

Terra Sling Mace



"Earth beneath me!"

Angus is Rohan's best friend and a well-known, boastful, reformed thief.


Angus and Rohan have been friends for years, connected by their experience of both being orphans, together they strived to live day by day. Angus is infamous for his tendency for stealing and lying. In fact, his constant presence near the palace has gotten him arrested on several occasions, including the time when Rohan was in search for Tir Na Nóg Rohan managed to persuade Angus to accompany him on his quest. Leading the young outlaw to his destiny, as a member of the Mystic Knights.

Angus learned he had to be loyal and honest to his fellow Knights. This meant he had to turn his back on riches in the pursuit of his weapon.

Mystic Powers[]

Earth Beneath Me!

As the Mystic Knight of Earth, Angus wields Terra Sling Mace, a magical mace with earth-based powers which enable him to conjure a boulder and causing earthquakes. After defeating The Rock Wolf of Temra, Angus gained access for the Mystic Armor of Earth which can only be summoned in times of dire need by chanting out "Earth beneath me!" while rising the Terra Sling Mace. Layers of rocks with a brown aura encrusted his very being before reforming into the armor in matter of seconds, completing the transformation.


  • Angus is the only Mystic Knight who is not descended from royalty.
  • A toy version of Angus included him using a sledgehammer-like weapon over his mace.