A King's Ransom

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The Drageen


The Curse of Kells


When the Northmen, a race of savage invaders, kidnap King Conchobar and threaten the whole island, the Mystic Knights offer a truce to Queen Maeve to fight them off. However, the invasion is all a ruse of Queen Maeve's in order to take over Kells.


King Conchobar gets kidnapped by the Northmen that he goes to make an alliance with. When the Mystic Knights go to search for him they run into several of the Northmen who say that they will let him go for a ransom of the kings weight in gold. The only option to get the King back is to form an alliance with Maeve.

Deirdre sends Rohan, Garrett and Angus to search the shores. Torc accompanies them. Suddenly the fleet disappears and they are attacked by a Wyvern. As Torc flees they discover that it is all a trick of Maeve's. After a while Garrett asks to go to the castle and free the King, so he can prove himself. Rohan summons Pyre, who defeats the Wyvern. Garrett frees the King and has to fight Maeve. Just when it looks like Garrett will fail, Rohan and Angus appear. The get out and head to Kells.

Meanwhile, Torc has brought an army to Kells. He lies to Deirdre and tells her that the others are dead and that he came straight to Kells to help her against the northmen. Deirdre and Ivar discover to late that Torc is lying. Just as all looks lost, Rohan, Garrett, Angus and the King barge in and defeat the Temra soldiers. Later, the King honors Garrett by telling him that he is a Kellsman now.